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A logo that allows producers and manufacturers to accurately and honestly provide their customers with the product information that consumers want.

The ‘Buy Australian’ logo provides vital information lacking in other Australian Made Logos.
Customers need to know what ‘Australian Owned’ and ‘Product of Australia’ really mean?
Who really benefits when you buy ‘Made in Australia’ or ‘Australian Made’?


Australian Made Logo

This logo for use in Australia
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Made in Australia Logo

This logo for use overseas
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Indigenous Australian Made Logo

This logo for indigenous use
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The BUY AUSTRALIAN logo gives producers and manufacturers a logo that tells their customers the truth. This is the logo that provides customers with honest information about the product.


Membership to ‘Buy Australian’  ® logo is open to any person, business or organisation.
‘Buy Australian’  ® logo is targeted to redress the lack of information and other problems that are common with other Australian Made, Australian Owned and Australian Grown logos.